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What's "show more"? / How do I use content warnings?

If you've seen a button that says "Show More" on another user's posts, you're seeing a post that contains a content filter. If you haven't discovered so already, clicking on this button will display additional text in the post. This feature is meant to create a way for users to talk about certain topics while minimizing the discomfort of other users. The text visible outside of the filter typically mentions the topic of the text that is being filtered, such as "NSFW," "politics," "spoilers," etc.

To use a content filter, you'll need to tick the "hide text behind warning" option under the box you compose posts in. A smaller, additional text box will appear above the original with the prompt "content warning". It's in this smaller text box that you'll need to mention the topic of the content you're filtering. After filling out the smaller box, you can compose your post in the larger box as you normally would. Once you submit your post, the text will be hidden behind the "Show More" button when it appears on the timeline, as described above.

Additional notes about content warnings/filters:

For more information about the media filter, or other post privacy options, please see this page.

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