Mastodon User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the elephant? / What's a "mastodon"?
What's a "toot"? / Why is it called a "toot"?
Can I change my username?
What kind of content can I post on What's not allowed?
How do I find people to follow?
What's "Whole Known Network"? / How are randos finding my posts?
What's the "local timeline"? / How are randos finding my posts?
What's "show more"? / How do I use content warnings?
How does muting work on Mastodon?
Why do some usernames have an extra "@"?
What are instances? Why should I care which one I'm on?
What is this "federation" business? How does it work?
What's the difference between Mastodon and Twitter?
How does post/account privacy work on Mastodon?
What are these sounds I keep hearing?! Can I turn them off?
Who runs Mastodon? Can I request features/report bugs?
How is Mastodon funded? Will I see any ads?
What does "awoo" mean, and why do people keep posting it?