Mastodon User Guide

What is this?

Hello! This used to be an FAQ page for and its software, written by Fawn. However, I'm not as active or involved with Mastodon as I used to be, and this guide unfortunately became incredibly outdated. In an effort to not confuse users who may stumble upon this guide, whether by chance or because people are still passing it around, I am taking it down for the time being. I appreciate everyone who spread the word about it, and I am so glad that it was helpful for some! If I get more involved with Mastodon again in the future (or start getting agitated because I discover the offical user guide is not very user-friendly) I will bring this guide back. :) In the mean time, I've linked the official FAQ and such below.

- Official Mastodon FAQ

- Official Mastodon User Guide

- Mastodon Github

- Mastodon Apps List

Site Last updated: July 20th, 2017